Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Next Industry to Crumble Will Create the Next Big Investment Opportunity

This was in my inbox and after listening to the video, I decided that it would be best to share this information with clients, associates and friends.  I believe what The Motley Fool information and have advised clients for a couple years of this upcoming change.  Take a listen and see what you think.  I am not being compensated for sharing this information, I just know that TV as we know it, will be changing in the future.
Another major industry is about to fall. Hard. And it will happen much sooner than anyone on Wall Street expects. (All signs are pointing to 2014.)
Everyone will claim they saw it coming. They'll say they knew all about the experimental project that Google launched in Kansas City. They'll say when they heard Apple's big March announcement, they knew for sure. They'll say that the one last "insurmountable" obstacle was obviously no big deal.
And they'll be lying. But that's okay. Because you'll be the one who knew which 3 overlooked stocks to invest in now for max profit... before 57.3 million Americans hit the OFF button.
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